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Implied Actions

Some action has to be stated, but not all action does. Which ones can you leave out?

Writing Prompts

Coming up with ideas can he hard. Here's where to start.

Ellipsis and Dashes in Dialogue

What's the difference between an ellipses and a dash in dialogue? How do you know when to use them?


Confused on when to use apostrophes or how to use them correctly? Find your answers here.

Metaphors and Similes

Similes and metaphors aren't just for poetry. Learn how to use them as a means of characterization and to evoke emotion.

Sentence Length

Sentences make writing sing. If you struggle with pacing or making powerful sentences, the length might be part of the problem.

Paragraphs and the "Camera"

Unsure when to start a new paragraph? Read here to learn about the camera; a useful trick for paragraph breaks.

Point of View Types

What does it mean to write in third person? Are some POVs better than others? This is a list of POV types and their characteristics.

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